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“Elite is shooter-as-sport par excellence, an exquisitely balanced and enormously fun mode unlike anything else in the genre.”

3 vs 3, short games, mix of tactics and skills. Each round, one attacker is sent alone on the level with an Instagib railgun and 3 armor points. If he eliminates the 3 defenders, or if he captures the goal before the round is over, he scores one point. The first team to 9 points wins the match. Like in tennis, the match has to be won by a two point margin (11-9, 12-10 etc.)



Includes elements from the Shootmania shooter game series.


Includes multiplayer game modes.


Multiplayer game modes compatible with matchmaking.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by Nadeolabs
Made in SM STORM Maker
Published 12 years ago
Updated 5 years ago